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Survey finds rise in incidence of heart diseases among women
The Hindu, 02 July, 2013
More worrying is that it is affecting more women in the reproductive age group
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UN, Lancet journal to hold meeting on AIDS response and global health
UN News Centre, 19 June, 2013
Heads of State, policymakers, scientists, advocates and private sector leaders will come together for the first time this month to explore how the AIDS response can be used to shape the future of global health in a United Nations-led meeting in Lilongwe, Malawi.
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Maintain hygiene near mosques: Greater Hyderabad mayor to commissioner
TNN, 06 June 2013
HYDERABAD: Mayor MohdMajidHussain has asked GHMC commissioner M T Krishna Babu to maintain hygiene in and around mosques in the city in connection with Shab-e-Meraj to be held on Thursday.
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Dengue: Health Department to conduct awareness campaign
The Hindu, 05 June 2013
GULBARGA: District Health Officer Shivaraj Sajjanshetty has said that the department will undertake an awareness campaign on personal hygiene and keeping the surroundings clean to prevent the breeding of mosquitoes.
Addressing a press conference here on Tuesday, Mr. Sajjanshetty, along with the dean of K.B.N. Medical College, Shivaraj Alashetty, and State nodal officer for prevention of communicable diseases Sridhar, said that the awareness programme would be conducted in urban and rural areas.
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Segregate at source is the theme this World Hygiene Day
The Hindu, 05 June 2013
KARUR: District Collector S. Jayandhi has urged the public, especially those in the rural areas, to keep their surrounding clean by participating in the World Hygiene Day campaign on Wednesday.
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WASH vital to keep diseases at bay
TNN, 04 June 2013
ALLAHABAD: Clean hands can keep you and your family away from diseases. Besides, clean hands are also a sign of good health. Realising this, the health department has decided to promote "hand-washing habit" among citizens to keep away ailments.
Doctors in government hospitals, PHCs and CHCs are apprising patients of the benefits of hand-washing. They are advising them to develop the habit of hand washing.
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800 more cases of fever reported in district
The Hindu, 02 June 2013
KOCHI: Dengue and leptospirosis have emerged as two major threats this monsoon even as fever cases continued to be reported from various parts of the district.
On Saturday, 858 cases of fever were reported in government hospitals in the district. With this, the number of fever cases reported in the district since the start of the year has crossed 71,000. So far, 191 cases of dengue and 75 cases of leptospirosis have been confirmed in the district.
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Focus on hygiene to safeguard health of tourists
D. RADHAKRISHNAN, The Hindu, 25 April 2013
UDHAGAMANDALAM: Beginning Tuesday, officials of the Tamil Nadu Food Safety and Drug Administration Department have started going round various parts of Ooty to enhance awareness about the role of hygiene and sanitation in enhancing the prestige of this popular holiday destination.
The Officer-in-Charge of Food Safety, R.V. Ravi, told The Hindu here on Wednesday that the objective of the exercise was to ensure that hoteliers and dealers of various kinds of food items do not give any room for complaints from the tourists who have started arriving here in droves.
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Plan panel for 200% rise in health ministry outlay
Mahendra Kumar Singh & Kounteya Sinha, TNN, 08 September 2012
New Delhi: Good health will be the toast for the UPA’s 12th five year plan (2012-17) with the Planning Commission proposing a 200% increase in fund allocation for the ministry of health and family welfare.
Even though the final decision on how much each sector will get for the 12th Plan will be taken at an all-important meeting to be chaired by Prime Minister Manmohan Singh on September 15, sources in the Commission told TOI that the allocation for the ministry of health is expected to be around Rs 280,551 crore — 232.65% higher than 11th plan outlay of Rs 84,339 crore.
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Pneumonia and diarrhoea prevention can save millions of lives – UN
UN News Centre, 08 June 2012
Preventing and treating pneumonia and diarrhoea – the two leading causes of death among children under five – can help save the lives of more than two million children, according to a report released today by the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF).
“We know what works against pneumonia and diarrhoea – the two illnesses that hit the poorest hardest,” UNICEF’s Executive Director, Anthony Lake, said in a news release. “Scaling up simple interventions could overcome two of the biggest obstacles to increasing child survival, help give every child a fair chance to grow and thrive.”
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Appointed to new term, WHO head recommits to goal of better health for most vulnerable
UN News Centre, 23 May 2012
Appointed to a new term at the helm of the United Nations World Health Organization (WHO), the agency’s head today underlined her commitment to improving the health of women and the people of Africa, as she pursues other priorities, such as enhancing health systems and combating non-communicable diseases.
“My overarching commitment to improve the health of women and the people of Africa will continue, sharpened by recent experiences,” said Dr. Margaret Chan, in her acceptance speech after the World Health Assembly, WHO’s decision-making body, appointed her to a second five-year terms as the agency’s Director-General. The Assembly is attended by delegations from all WHO Member States.
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Third of malaria drugs 'are fake'
Michelle Roberts, Health editor, BBC News online, 22 may 2012
A third of malaria drugs used around the world to stem the spread of the disease are counterfeit, data suggests.
Researchers who looked at 1,500 samples of seven malaria drugs from seven countries in South East Asia say poor-quality and fake tablets are causing drug resistance and treatment failure.
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Housing and Sanitation Facilities
Press Information Bureau, May 22, 2012
The Minister for Housing and Urban Poverty Alleviation Kumari Selja has said that as ‘Land’ and ‘Colonization’ are State subjects, it is the primary responsibility of the States to provide housing and sanitation facilities to all the economically poor and marginalized families belonging to the Scheduled Tribes including those who are not even listed in the Below Poverty Line (BPL) Index.
In a written reply in the Lok Sabha today Kumari Selja said, however, Ministry of Housing and Urban Poverty Alleviation has been supplementing the efforts of State Governments through the following schemes and programme interventions:
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Bad-breath bothering you?
Debarati S SenDebarati S Sen, TNN, May 15, 2012
Bad-breath stemming from a low-carb diet, is difficult to get rid of, unless you modify your eating habits. Debarati S Sen reports...
Are you a low-carb lifestyle junkie? If yes, you may have a reason to worry. This diet may give you that perfect waistline, but you will probably end up with a stinky breath! It is widely believed that low carb diets can cause ketone breath. According to a recent research more than 25 million people say that they have tried the low carb diet, and had to combat bad breath. But the flipside is that if you have bad breath you are possibly doing a good job of following your low/no-carb diet.
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Plastic ban: Corporation officials raid shops in city
TNN, May 10, 2012
MANGALORE: Officials of the health and environment engineering section of MCC on Wednesday conducted raids on business establishments in and around the central business district area.
The team detected that several shops were selling plastic items below 40 microns. The officials also seized the trade licence of one shop located in Megha Market behind Lady Goschen Hospital and sealed it for violating the plastic ban for the third time.
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Plastic bag threat more serious than atom bomb: Supreme Court
Dhananjay Mahapatra, TNN, May 8, 2012
NEW DELHI: Excessive use of plastic bags and their unregulated disposal has been choking lakes, ponds and urban sewerage systems, the Supreme Court said on Monday while warning that it posed a threat more serious than the atom bomb for the next generation.
This observation from a bench of Justices GS Singhvi and S J Mukhopadhaya came on a PIL filed by two Andhra Pradesh-based NGOs drawing the court's attention to 30-60 kg of plastic bags recovered from the stomachs of cows because of irresponsible disposal of plastic bags and defunct municipal waste collection system.
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Bilinguals switch tasks faster than monolinguals, NIH funded study shows
Bilinguals slower to build vocabulary but better at multitasking than monolinguals
NIH News, April 3, 2012
Children who grow up learning to speak two languages are better at switching between tasks than are children who learn to speak only one language, according to a study funded in part by the National Institutes of Health. However, the study also found that bilinguals are slower to acquire vocabulary than are monolinguals, because bilinguals must divide their time between two languages while monolinguals focus on only one.
In the study, bilingual and monolingual children were asked to press a computer key as they viewed a series of images—either of animals or of depictions of colors. When the responses were limited to either of the two categories, the children responded at the same speed. But when the children were asked to switch, from animals to a color, and press a different button for the new category, bilinguals were faster at making the change than were the monolinguals.
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Obama’s Supreme Court Warning a ‘Curious Turn of Events,’ Romney Says
ABC News, April 3, 2012
PEWAUKEE, Wis. – Mitt Romney said today that if President Obama is trying to intimidate the Supreme Court during its deliberations on the health care law, he doesn’t think “that would work,” calling the president’s comments a “curious turn of events.”
“I don’t think that would work,” Romney said during an interview on Fox News’ “Fox & Friends” in which he was asked whether he believes Obama is trying to intimidate the Supreme Court justices into making a decision that would favor the controversial health care overhaul.
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Taps turn wellsprings of diseases
Sunitha Rao R & Hetal Vyas, TNN, April 3, 2012
BANGALORE: The death of two-year-old Chandan in JJ Nagar last week due to suspected water contamination, has sent warning signals across the city.
Valmiki K, an 80-year-old from Vishwanath Nagenahalli near Hebbal, woke up on March 22 to a stench. It took him a while to figure out that tap water was the source of the malodour.
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Govt primary schools to have own kitchen
TNN, April 1, 2012
KANPUR: All the primary schools in city will soon have kitchens to prepare mid day meals for students from class I to V in the next session. The NGOs engaged in preparing and serving MDM will not be allowed to participate from the upcoming academic session.
A sum of around Rs 8 crore would be spent by the government for the construction of kitchens. The kitchens will be 20 ft long and eight ft wide. The newly established kitchens will have shelves and sinks for maintaining hygiene.
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