International Institute of Health and Hygiene
AN ISO 9001/2008 & ISO 14001/2004


  • Awareness, education and training prorgamme in 310 urban slums.
  • Awareness, education and training prorgamme in 12 villages.
  • Prepared and maintaining list of 2267 voluntary blood donors.
  • 28857 no of total children beneficiaries from mahavir enclave and paryog vihar with pandwala village by pulse polio proramme.
  • 102508 condoms distributed at different places from different projects (Project NACO and Delhi State Aids Control Society).
  • 12826 no of women trained on health, hygiene, sanitation, safe drinking water and HIV/AIDS.
  • Students 2432 from 10 schools were taken up project with yosa (year of scientific awareness 2004).
  • Jatha activities were taken up with Yosa (Year of Scientific Awareness 2004 at 8 places.
  • 28 publications on Health, Hygiene, Sanitation, HIV/AIDS, Safe Water and Hospital Sanitation etc.
  • Collaboration with 18 International and National Organizations. We are also working in participation with govt (State and Central), funding agencies (National and International). We have collaborated with unicef, WHO, USAID, PSI and PFI Successfully Completed 18 projects.
  • Prepared and maintaining more than 1500 family medical folders in Slum areas.
  • Trained Post Graduate students from different universities on Sanitation, Community Health, Hygiene, Empowerment and Livelihood.

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